At Wulf, it’s not in our DNA to simply react. We keep our nose close to the scent of change. We track down our targets. We don’t just think outside the box – we build a new one of our own. And that’s how our proprietary Wulftrade programme started.

The first ever of its kind, Wulftrade is a platform that allows you to trade in your current Wulf timepiece for store credits equivalent to at least 50% of its original retail price, at any time after your purchase, and with a valid warranty. All that’s required is a fully functioning Wulf to conduct the trade. Here’s an overview of how the process works:

  1. Send in your Wulf as a parcel to our European HQ in Switzerland, or our Asian servicing hub in Singapore.
  2. Our Wulfpack will conduct a series of tests to assess if your Wulf’s movement is still in good working condition.
  3. The trade-in value is determined based on the movement/calibre type, and the current updated value on our official website (subject to market fluctuations).
  4. The value is disbursed to you via Wulf store credits, as per your registered email account, along with an accompanying email notification.
  5. Purchase your new Wulf timepiece using your credits.

Trading it Forward

A Wulf never truly passes away – its greatness is only passed on. Old watch movements are refurbished and sold at a discount to watchmaking schools around the world as practice movements for their students, ensuring the Wulf spirit still thrives.

And to further advance our corporate social responsibility duties, 100% of the proceeds from these sales are further channelled to subsidise watchmaking courses for students who require financial assistance, so that the legacy of Swiss watchmaking is preserved for generations upon generations