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Why Follow History,
When You Can Reinvent It?

Why follow history, when you can invent it?

At Wulf, we zero in on creating contemporary timepieces that embody the attributes a Wulf should possess: precision, intelligence, toughness, and most importantly, inimitable style. Because in an arena where pretenders quickly get exposed, the rule to abide by is change, or be forgotten.

Forgoing the designs of traditional Swiss watch brands and the common stock ETA or Sellita movements, our watches sport customised movements designed by the Wulfpack (Our Designers) and engineered by an independent Swiss Movement Manufacturer in Swisstech. Our Wulfpack team of go-getters stay bonded through one common purpose: making premium Swiss Made watches for the modern gentlemen.

United We Conquer

Behind every Wulf is a team of Swiss-based experts dedicated to ensure the most rigorous adherence to Wulfcraft. Because when it comes to our pursuit of perfection, there can be no compromise. From manual selection of the most fitting materials and finishes, to hand-drawn blueprints, right through to developing optimal engineering processes, nothing escapes the Wulfpack’s oversight.


The Wulfpack operates out of the chief den in Zurich, the testbed for our latest designs and technologies, where the first inkling of the previously unthinkable sparks into life. As purveyors of excellence, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of style, even beyond the boardroom.

This devotion to excellence extends to our collaborators, including an independent Swiss movement maker that manufactures bespoke components with unique customisations – the key to production of our revolutionary CNC-engineered coloured movements famed for world-class reliability.

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And when it comes down to it, we all stand as one united collective, safe in the knowledge that where there’s a Wulf, there’s a way.


The Philosophy of Enjoyment

More than just an art, Wulfcraft is a lifestyle all on its own, depicted by the 3 core tenets of accessibility, design, and culture – and created to complement life’s most indulgent moments for a diverse social spectrum. Whether you’re an executive seeking to ascend the ranks, or a leader on the verge of your latest corporate coup, there’s always a Wulf for you.


At a price bracket that belies its superior construction, each Wulf is the product of endless engineering and innovation.

How do we manage it? For one, we focus heavily on product research and development, eschewing the ambassador endorsement approach favoured by many traditional corporations.

This translates to millions in cost savings that we pass on to consumers, in the form of quality Swiss-made timepieces that speak of prestige.


Differing from the usual Swiss movements, the mark of every Wulf is undoubtedly its customised coloured movement – entirely designed and built in Switzerland to maintain the highest levels of watchmaking.

Adding to its distinguishing factor is the CNC-engineered rotor on the back face, which takes the look of our brand logo for a reinforced touch of uniqueness.

After all, there’s nothing better than life personalised to your exacting standards.


Our headquarters in Zurich acts as a conduit to one of the world’s leading art trading cities. Home to more than 50 museums and 100 galleries, the city serves up endless cultural inspiration. This aids our design team in conceptualisation, through the gradual assimilation of knowledge with regard to tastes, customs and trends.

With our senses firmly trained on the pulse of Zurich and various watchmaking conventions worldwide, it all culminates in a Wulf that stays current and elegant.