About Wulf

Wulf was formed to offer quality mechanical timepieces with avant-garde designs and personalisation options. Since the start of Wulf in 2016, we have launched 3 Swiss Made Mechanical Models, the Alpha, Exo and Lycan. Over 1000 Wulf watches were sold on the first 3 months. By March 2018, Wulf was selling Internationally and managed to sign agreements with partners in Australia, USA, Netherlands, the Middle East, Taiwan, Malaysia and China.



The watches are Swiss Made to maintain the highest standard of quality for our customers. Although the design was done in Singapore, the movements are manufactured in Swisstech’s Route de Botyre Switzerland (an independent movement manufacturer), then fully assembled into a complete watch in their assembly facility in Centro Nord Sud Switzerland. All products are certified Swiss Made with a valid Certificate of Origin.

Wulf watches meet the requirements of the new Swiss Made Law.

  • 69% of the manufacturing costs are incurred in Switzerland
  • Authentic Swiss movement
  • Watch assembled in Switzerland

Download to view certificate of origin.


No Quartz Movements

To do our part in preserving the appreciation of mechanical watches worldwide, we have decided to only manufacture mechanical watches within our collection.


Unique Movement and Rotor

For the Exo model, the main plates are decorated to make the movement more exclusive. The Exo also features Ip-plated movements not commonly found in other Swiss movements. The limited-edition Exo features a special Lume-infused movement that is extremely rare due to its complex manufacturing process. Only 500 pieces were made.

 The Lycan uses the Swisstech S15 multifunction movement for the more discerning customer who would like more features like month and year on their watch.

All Wulf watches sport a unique rotor that is crafted in the likeness of the Wulf logo using superior CNC technology. The detailed craftmanship of the rotor is testament to Wulf’s attention to details.


Accuracy of Movement

The stability and accuracy of the Swisstech movements are tested and the results are comparable to the common stock Swiss Movements found in the market and are suitable for the rigors of daily wear. The standard deviation of the movements are about 12 to 24 seconds per day and a more detailed movement analysis report can be downloaded here.

Download our movement report.



We believe that true luxury allows you to make the product truly yours. Wulf allows 2 options of personalization for our customers to make their Wulf watch truly theirs by allowing them to leave their unique messages within the watch.

We allow you to leave your message on our glass case back using a durable laser technology. This option is great for gifting and is available across all Wulf watches. Click here to view our collection to start customizing.


10 year Warranty

As an assurance to our customers, all Wulf watches are covered with a worldwide 10-year warranty for the movement. Customers can also register their Wulf purchase online to ensure that their timepiece is genuine.


About the Founders

Wulf was started by 2 brothers in Singapore, James Woo and Elijah Woo. Being the second generation in a thriving watch manufacturing business, their team has been designing and manufacturing watches for more than 100 brands since 1980. They also have over 15 years of experience in retailing watches and own 1 of the largest watch chain-store with 14 stores all over Singapore called H2 Hub. Combining the their years of manufacturing know-how with detailed consumer behaviour analytics from their sales channels, they have decided to create their own brand of watches called Wulf to provide quality mechanical timepieces that allows for personalisation.