Wulf Launch

Wulf Launch

Our first launch is held in HKTDC to showcase our range of collection while introducing a new form of watch trade.

We are truly the firsts to introduce you the new system of trade to be fashionably conscious about both money and environment, while providing a platform for you to unleash your talent in the economical trade sector. We make sure every calibre which are crafted by Swiss technician is of value for trade-in. Read more here.

The contemporary designs are reinventions of the old to become the new. It also describes the modern mindset of continuously improvising and living in the now. The modern is what is the most fitting. To lead or to follow, you exudes the perfect charisma to be the modern man of style to accomplish things seamlessly with no limits.

To enhance the value of the watch, we want to design watches that are specially tailored for modern gentlemen of different personalities to be fearless in seizing opportunities without fail as everything we all do is nothing but a gamble. We all know some people enjoy being part of the pack, and some lone wolves beg to differ. Ultimately, these people would know how to reach their goals.

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