Wulf Ambitions

Wulf Ambitions

If you’ve already sobered up from the New Year partying, 2017 has passed and it’s time we look back on our remarkably short, yet remarkable history. After all, with a new year always comes a moment for introspection, pensive people that we are.

So what started out as a wild ambition is now in full swing. From our inception in early 2017, to commencement of brand launch in October 2017, to the current stage of laying grand plans for the future, the Wulfpack experienced a thrilling ride of emotions. As providence would have it, our first 3 months saw great results, as gentlemen worldwide took to our Wulf timepieces as frenzied Wulfs would, nearly emptying our Limited Edition EXO and giving us the sort of pleasant surprise you usually wake up to on Christmas itself.

This great reception from our international audience means the Wulfpack in Zurich is now developing new products to take the industry by storm in 2018, with these slated for release in the later part of the year. Good things do take time, so patience would be advised. Wulf fans will also be pleased to know that infrastructural investment on our end has been ramped up, with commitment to R&D and product design, so as to cope with increased demand for quality watches.

Expansion plans are continually being fine-tuned, so you can rest assured that what you’re getting is going to be top-notch stuff, or what we call our default mode. The Wulf warranty has also been upgraded to 10 years, with a free 30-day return policy – such is the confidence we have in Wulf. All in all, we’ve had a great year. Now, here’s a toast to a better one ahead for all of us.


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