Wine, Dine and All That’s Fine

Wine, Dine and All That’s Fine

We’ve gone through the finer aspects of male grooming, and how to enjoy a cigar without coming across as a rookie. So you ask, what’s there left to learn about being a true blue Wulf – a sophisticate, if you may. You know how the saying goes when it comes to Christmas: eat, drink, and be merry. Now, when it comes to dining, I’m certain that you good lads don’t need much of an education. Feasting on turkey, after all, requires no real knowledge of the different kinds of turkey brands. You don’t even discuss the vintage of various log cakes. Wine, on the other hand, is a different animal.

On one hand, when it comes down to basics, there are red and white wines, each of which can be paired with different kinds of foods. The biggest difference between reds and whites is in their colour, and how they’re made. In fact, grapes used for red and white wines look vastly different. The reason red wines look so much darker is due to its grapes containing a darker pigment, whereas white wine grapes are usually pressed before being fermented. Reds are generally better with red meat like your usual Christmas roast beef, while whites go well with seafood and... turkey.

With that said, here are different kinds of exquisite wines to make your Christmas a truly classy, Wulf one:


The ideal turkey pairing wine due to its lower tannin moistening even the driest turkey. Intense, plummy flavours of cinnamon, clove and vanilla further heighten the experience on your palate.

Pinot Noir

Light-bodied and red, Pinot Noir pairs excellently with ham because the high acidity cuts through the richness, while delivering a burst of cherry and cranberry notes.


When it comes to our top pick for the Christmas table, the white dry Riesling is incomparable. Its acidity tingles through the fat in gravy, stuffing, and most other spices for a crisp finish.

Now go forth, and have a classy Christmas. Remember, if you drink, don’t drive.


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