The Roman Number 4

The Roman Number 4

The reason why we are shedding light on this has everything to do with how a certain section of our Wulf Facebook page has seen activity that borders on confusion and incredulity, and it all starts with why the “4” on the Wulf Lycan’s dial does not read IV, but IIII. If you’ve correctly guessed by now, IIII is the original way of writing “4”, but it was revised for clarity to IV, in tandem with “9” being changed to IV as opposed to VIIII.

Fact: IIII has been a common feature on watch dials for more than a few centuries already. The primary factor as to why this is used in place of IV, all centres on the matter of aesthetics. Everyone wants to look great, and so it stands to reason that your timepiece should hold up to exacting design standards as well. The IIII is actually referred to in our trade as a “watchmaker’s four”, and it enhances visual legibility and balance, no matter your viewing angle.

With that important piece of information added to your Wulf-inspired repertoire, we’d also like to share the news that Wulf is now available at retail outlets in USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and Singapore, as part of our global expansion blueprint. Until next week, fare thee well, Wulf comrades.

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