What Defines a Good Whiskey

What Defines a Good Whiskey

Whiskey is beyond doubt savored by many devoted alcohol drinkers. Most drink for the pleasure; not so much for the experience. Read on to gain useful insights in selecting the cream of the crop.

High-quality whiskies distinctively speak to your taste buds. From a plethora of whiskies like Bourbon to Scotch, select one that hits the spot and has everything you want from the traditional spirit. The multitude of flavours are attributed by the different ratios of ingredients used. Sweet, bitter and oaky whiskies appeal to different individuals; take time to savor each variation and pick your favourite.

For individuals craving for a sugar-rush, it’s all about the proportion of corn mash. Select whiskies with exceptional corn percentages as it relates to a higher glucose content for your booze. Bourbon flawlessly caters to the sweet tooth.

For a more classy, bitter flavor, add generous portions of bitters to your favorite whiskies to add a punch – perfect for the wild drinkers.

A superior whiskey can be enhanced with an array of sophisticated drinking styles to heighten your experiences till the last drop. Spirit on rocks is perfect for a milder, watered-down taste. For a fruitier approach, mix lower-grade whiskies with complementing cocktails. Refrain from mixing high-ends as they are best enjoyed alone.


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