Tricks of the Wulftrade

Tricks of the Wulftrade

You might have come across computer or television trade-in offers at trade shows, where your still-functioning electronics product retains a certain value in getting you the latest tech gadget – at a neat discount, of course. Now that’s what sprang to mind when the thinkers at Wulf got down to thinking: how do we go about revolutionising our trade? What hasn’t been done before, in an industry that reveres tradition and solid fundamentals of watchmaking?


In fact, how could we give greater value to our clients, so that they need not part with a large chunk of cash every time they wish to keep up with fashion trends that are evolving faster than ever? That’s how we stumbled upon the idea of emulating trade-in programs that other industries have adopted.


After all, a major part of staying fashionably relevant lies in being able to switch up your style as and when you want. And the fact of the matter is, there are many of us who just aren’t too keen on splashing out a sizeable portion of our salary on a different Wulf every year.


By creating Wulftrade, a first-of-its-kind platform that allows our clients to trade in their Wulf for store credits at generous buyback margins of 60% and above, we hope to make authentic Swiss-made timepieces that are unique in a tangible, impactful manner. More than that though, some of the movements from these traded-in Wulfs are refurbished and sold at a discount to watchmaking schools worldwide, for students to experiment with. 100% of the proceeds from these sales are further channelled to subsidise watchmaking courses for students who require financial assistance, preserving our legacy of Swiss watchmaking.


After all, a Wulf is not just one who stays stylish. We believe that the intrinsic value of a Wulf lies in looking good, feeling good, and ultimately, doing good. On that note, do follow our blog and Facebook page for more insights into our company ethos.


For more details on Wulftrade, visit here. Or you can download a more comprehensive explanation here.

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