Tied To Confidence

Tied To Confidence

Now, I understand how a suit and tie may not be to everyone’s liking, especially if you’ve to dress up in formal attire on a daily basis (especially so for corporate jobs). Of course, it’d make all the difference if the weather’s nice and cool every day, but not all of us enjoy the benefits of enviable Scandinavian weather. Take those who live near the equator for instance, like our compatriots in sunny Singapore or scorching Mumbai, where a chilly wine is probably more welcome than conventional officewear. Then again, there’s just an intrinsic appeal about assembling a smart outfit comprising your tie and, if we had our way, a trusty Wulf timepiece to complete the look.

Is it any wonder that even athletes jazz up their image away from the sports arena with a tie? Think of the last time you saw Conor McGregor outside the octagon, or if football’s more familiar, Cristiano Ronaldo on the awards ceremony carpet. It’s not just that wearing a tie makes you look better – the key thing is garnering added respect by projecting an air of manliness and confidence. Just take a second to ponder: when you see a man wearing a tie, wouldn’t your natural inclination be to presume he’s a working professional? Bankers, traders, venture capitalists… you know, the Wall Street type.

Even the Wulfpack are firm believers of looking the part, explaining the creative direction of our brand photo shoot and the resultant images found on our website. And when it comes to choosing our ties, these are two basic rules we abide:


1)    Match your tie to your suit, not the other way round

Coordinating your tie and suit is simple enough. Get shirts and suits that are easy to match – white, grey, light blue are some basics that match various palettes.


2)    Pay attention to proportion, pattern, and colour

Men that tend towards wider, stronger builds look best when going with a wider than average tie that can reach his belt buckle. On the other hand, smaller-built men should opt for skinnier, shorter neckties to exude dapper charm.


With that out of the way, our final suggestion is to pair your wardrobe with a Wulf timepiece that denotes your status as a gentleman of fine standing. Whether it’s the Alpha, Exo, or Lycan, it’s time to get your groove on at the Wulf Black Friday sale.Till we meet again, stay sharp, Wulfpack.

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