The Wulfpack Strikes

The Wulfpack Strikes

What a weekend it’s been. Fresh from our overwhelmingly well-received Wulfpack engagement event in Singapore, your trusted herald of good news is back with the lowdown of what went on, or if you’re looking at this with your glass half-empty, what you missed out on. With the special appearance of our Wulfpack – strapped with the highly demanded Alpha, Exo and Lycan timepieces, curious shoppers were given gift vouchers for instant discounts on their Wulf timepiece purchases.

What did this translate to for the fine gentlemen and ladies of Singapore? It gives me great pride to announce that a total of 12 Wulf timepieces were sold during our campaign, which is no mean feat considering our entire inventory has almost been depleted due to surging worldwide demand. That’s right, 12 lucky people were inducted into the ranks of our burgeoning community, including people from America, Australia and Switzerland. Cosmopolitan appeal, check. Global desirability, double check.

With several outlets islandwide and fast-diminishing stocks, it’s worth an Uber ride to get your very own handsome little devil. After all, few things compare to truly Swiss-made style, at least in our book. Now, while I must make my departure, I leave you to admire visuals of our Wulfpack making their rounds. 


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