The Wulfpack Cometh

The Wulfpack Cometh

Our distinguished Singaporean followers, good tidings await: the Wulfpack will be staging an appearance this very weekend, showcasing the finery that you have come to appreciate and covet. From 2 – 3 December, 3 of our Wulfpack models will be roaming round Bedok Mall, dressed to impress with the Alpha, Exo and Lycan timepieces that have already proven to be a global hit.                                  

But naturally, we’ve got more our sleeves than just the suitably handsome charmers on patrol duty. You, as our discerning fans, will have the chance to vote for your favourite among them. If he winds up being the overall crowd favourite, one of those who voted in his favour will get to share the spotlight in a way we know best: with a glorious Wulf around your wrist.

Let’s not forget that this marks the inaugural appearance of the Wulfpack at any commercial event. What significance does this bear? For one, S$50 Wulf cash vouchers will be given away on both event days, eligible for use on the Wulf timepiece that’s on your wishlist. Secondly, you just might feature as one of the lookers in our social media posts, on an occasion as historic as this. So ready yourself for a truly dashing weekend and commemorate it with an authentic Swiss-made piece your peers would truly envy. Until then, stay sharp like the Wulf you are.

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