The Mane Attraction

The Mane Attraction

So much has been said of how the clothes maketh the man. Over the past weeks, your trusted gents at Wulf have detailed types of shoes you should wear, given watch care tips and the like, so it’s time we talk about something that completes your entire look. Incidentally, this is what the fairer sex prizes a lot as well, simply because your hairstyle is your crowning glory – some say it provides subtle insights to your personality as well. Growing up, one of my style icons was the as-suave-as-ever David Beckham. On the field, he dominated with his crosses and set pieces; off it, the man left ladies all crossed up with his follicular statement pieces. From the Mohawk to the pompadour, England’s universally adored celebrity has donned it all.


And while many of us may not be as genetically blessed, immaculate grooming still goes a long way to complement, perhaps, your unique sense of humour or a smouldering charm. Here then are 5 of our Wulf-approved hairstyles to accompany your unparalleled sense of sophistication, so you can rule the boardroom or streets as you please.





Classic Slickback

This look has always been in fashion, and gives off a confident presence. Best styled with a matte product for texture.




Combover Pompadour Fade

The modern version of the pompadour sees a combover coupled with side part and a mid bald fade.



Mid-length Taper

A fast-growing trend, this style sports neat scissor-cut sides. Stylish and versatile.



Man Bun

Popular among Europeans, this goes best with a nicely groomed beard.




Side Fringe

Hair is kept mainly to 7cm in length, with the overall image being clean-cut. You can also pull it off with a beard.


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