The Look of a Made Man

The Look of a Made Man

So some of you may have heard of Mad Men, the popular series set in the advertising scene, where big boys smoke and suit up for their outwardly glamorous pursuits day in and out. Heck, some may even aspire to be as influential as lead character Don Draper. Well, here at Wulf, we’re certainly not mad, but we’ve got the styling tips to make you feel like a made man with the world at your feet. After all, if there’s something the Wulfpack is famed for, it’s the coupling of awe-inspiring timepieces with an equally stylish outfit. In other words, you shouldn’t catch us with a strand of hair, or an ill-conceived accessory, that’s out of place.


Without further ado, here are 5 style tips for mixing and matching your wardrobe. A Wulf timepiece, without doubt, should accompany each of these:





Cuffs on shoes

If going for the formal look, remember to let your trouser cuffs rest gently on top of your leather shoes. There shouldn’t be a gap between your pants and your nicely polished leather oxfords.





The pocket square

For a look of added refinement, always have a visible pocket square anytime you have a jacket on. It’s just classier that way.



Bag it home

Whatever you carry is all a part of your individual style statement. So forget the raggedy old backpack, and invest in a nice piece messenger bag if you’re going to the smart casual look.



Put a ring on it

Rings are not strictly limited to the fairer sex, and if you do decide to opt for a couple, remember to keep those in proportion to your physique. Compact rings for slim fingers, and heavier-set rings for those with broader ones.



One metal only

If you’re figuring out if you should have a mix of both gold and silver-coloured accessories, drop the idea. One is the general rule of thumb, two is a case of bad colour coordination, and three or more makes you an Olympics podium.


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    How much for the gold/silver watch in the pic THANK you

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