The Heart of Wulf

The Heart of Wulf

Momentum resonates with every beat, empowering the Wulf with an overflowing aura of sophistication. Embodying all that a “Swiss-made” watch should be, the Wulf equips itself with an automated movement as evinced by complex, precise and lust-worthy details on its elaborated skeletal dial.


Quality Over Quantity

With only 3,000 to 5,000 movements manufactured in a year, each individual movement is closely monitored, ensuring that every component echoes perfection. Made possible by the highly controlled quantities, every Wulf exude irresistible brilliance that never fails to captivate.

Beyond aesthetics, a watchmaking master lies behind the refined details of each movement. Sidle up close to any Wulf watch and you will find that Wulf’s movement simply oozes professionalism – all thanks to one watchmaking expert behind each exquisite Wulf.

Good design is not just about looks, but looking at functionality beyond what the mind can perceive. Each Wulf goes through 15 rounds of assembly and quality checks so that no single flaw is overlooked. That’s how Wulf retains its superior performance without shortchanging on quality.


A Cut Above the Rest

Wulf concept undeniably speaks louder than any other Swiss brands – its adventurous arrangement of the finest components amplifies class in an avant-garde manner. Made exclusively in Switzerland, Wulf heavily incorporates the “Swissness” law, adhering to the most challenging conditions in a bid to preserve the authenticity of the prestigious “Swiss-Made” label.


Spic and Span

Comparable to glass, each Wulf presents no specks of dust or dirt – practically flawless. Assembly of each timepiece is carried in highly-maintained dust-free rooms, ultimately taking the crown for offering timepieces of utmost clarity and quality while honouring the “Swiss-made” title.

In the world of Haute Horlogerie, it is the smallest details that make a world of difference. Driving the undying passion of Swiss watchmaking, Wulf seeks to radiate the glory of Swiss timepieces.

With so much known, gentlemen can rest assured that they are receiving the finest “Swiss-made” timepieces while emanating the everlasting spirit of Wulf with pride.

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