Real, Good Stuff

Real, Good Stuff

By now, our most ardent fans would have known that Wulf is a certified Swiss Made timepiece label, despite contentious debate about what exactly it constitutes. Does it denote that a watch is 100% manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, like most would assume at first glance? Or is there more than meets the eye?

Here, we explore just what a Swiss Made watch truly entails, with some finer points worth consideration, so you don’t wind up in the realm of the confused. As conventional wisdom goes, the mark of most luxury watches is the Swiss Made label at the bottom of the face. This international mark of distinction harks to how the Swiss are renowned experts when it comes to watch craftsmanship and reliability.

Despite the rules surrounding Swiss Made branding being strengthened in recent times, there are those who’ve called for more stringent standards being imposed. Currently, the certification is attained by adhering to the general guideline of:

  • At least 60% of the production costs of a watch taken as a whole must be Swiss-based
  • At least 60% of the movement’s production must be generated in Switzerland
  • The movement must contain at least 50% Swiss-made components in value (not in quantity)
  • Technical development of a Swiss Made watch and movement must be carried out in Switzerland


To that end, the Wulfpack is pleased to disclose that every single Alpha, Lycan and Exo timepiece, is authentically Swiss Made – with our very own Wulf Calibre movement developed in Switzerland itself.

For your selection from our very Wulf finest, march on to our online store. Here’s to a life of refinement:




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