Now In Australia

Now In Australia

Here’s a question: what do the following items share in common? Cricket. Koala. Sydney Opera House. Wulf timepiece. The answer? Well, they can all be found in Australia, now that Wulf has introduced our Swiss-made watches for the modern gentleman Down Under with our latest overseas expansion. And while we may not be able to get every Aussie looking like a carbon copy of Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth, what we can do is at least help replicate their dapper styling. So out go the surfer boards and beach shorts, and in with the automatic movements and dress shirts. To top it all off and convey an air of superiority, a cigar in your hand always does the trick.

But for those whose knowledge of cigars is less than Churchill-esque, which do you pick to match the sophistication of your Wulf timepiece? How do you navigate your way in this decidedly posh pursuit?

To begin with, we’ll explain the anatomy of a cigar as concisely as possible. The head is the sealed end you put in your mouth – after cutting it off with a guillotine or sharp knife. The foot, which is the opposing end, is the part that you light. Within, the filler consists of dried, fermented tobacco, while the wrapper on the outside provides most of the cigar’s distinctive flavour.

With that settled, do note that price isn’t the most important consideration when choosing your cigar. What you need to keep an eye out for is cigar construction and tobacco quality. The general rule of thumb? Roll the cigar between your thumb and index finger to check if any lumps exist. The body should not be too soft or overly filled and rigid. For tobacco quality, you can’t get an accurate gauge without actually smoking it, so our advice would be to only buy a single one instead of a box, for testing purposes.

Now that you’ve picked up some basics about cigar enjoyment, remember to get an accompanying Wulf from your nearest authorised dealer, and master the art of looking smoking hot. For now, fare thee well and stay stylish.

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