Keeping it Sleek

Keeping it Sleek

The term ‘smart casual’ can be rather intimidating, leaving several very confusing loose ends. Demystifying this puzzling dress code requires experimentation of different outfit combinations to suit a gentleman’s personality. Although many would give a cold shoulder to new, unfamiliar styles, it is more flexible than you think.

Giving a take on smart casual outfits will definitely be rewarding for the modern gentleman seeking versatility. Here are some pairing options that you can consider for your next day-out.


Blazers and Jeans

theidlemen Wulf Lycan WF03.01
Garnering its reputation as being “a mix of two polar opposites”, blazers and jeans differ greatly in terms of formality when compared individually. However, when paired together, they brew up an interesting concoction -  consisting of formal and casual elements to an outfit.

For starters, the rule of thumb is to mix contrasting patterns in your apparels. Don a classic white tee with jeans, finished with a statement blazer that inevitably brings out your inner suave and personality.

Balance is key, even with monochrome - you don’t want your accessories to steal your blazer’s limelight. Opt for a timepiece that exudes a gentleman’s class while keeping your look clean and simple, like the WF03.01 from Wulf’s Lycan series.

Encompassing distinctive sleek black markers with contrasting blues and a moon-phase movement that indicates the time of day, your everyday outfit will outshine the ordinary – be it day or night.

Finally, complete your head-to-toe look with a selection of boat shoes and loafers to match.


Short-sleeved Oxford Shirt and Jeans

lovethispic Wulf Exo WF02.05



Adding a modern flavour to business wear, this classic combo speaks for itself. The smart oxford button-up top heightens your style immensely when paired with rich-tone accessories. To incorporate a smart casual style, never button your top completely. Instead, refer to the example as shown in the picture above.

Complement your look with a patterned or plain pair of jeans, depending on the impression that you’re aiming to radiate off your clothing. Do also select patterns in conjunction with the event you’re attending.

While smart casual outfits give you a versatile range throughout the week, you can always ace any look by keeping the palette relatively neutral while retaining the cleanliness of your silhouette via simple tailoring.

Never too complicated, Wulf’s WF02.01 from the Exo series epitomizes the precision and complexity of an automated watch. This timepiece infuses patterns via its textured leather strap to promise a unique touch that harmonizes perfectly with the simplicity of your smart casual outfit.


Blazers with Shorts

5yearproject Wulf Alpha WF01.03

Given the continuous redefinition of gentlemen fashion, shorts are slowly emerging onto the smart casual fashion scene. Placing heavy emphasis on patterns and contrasts, this style transforms a wardrobe into a playground for modern gentlemen.

Experiment with different patterns (stripes, checkered, houndstooth, etc.) to suit your personal degree of daringness. Ensure that your overall outfit doesn’t resemble that of a motif – keep them balanced and controlled to bring attention to your dashing style.

Simplicity isn’t complete without a touch of royalty. Equipped with clean-cut markers atop a silvery sheen, the WF01.04 from Wulf’s Alpha series empowers any gentleman with its radiant rose-gold rim. This Alpha timepiece neutralizes strong colours of your contrasting top-to-bottom combination while mildly echoing sleekness on your clothes’ behalf.

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