How to Dress Like a Gentleman

How to Dress Like a Gentleman

Any man can simply flaunt expensive suits while donning fancy ties. However, it takes high wisdom and poise to attain the essence of a gentleman. Here’s how you can revamp yourself into a true gentleman.

Embrace your unique style; don’t let suits wear you.

Contemporary gentlemen direct focus on styles rather than overpriced tuxedos. Portrayed by how the dated suspenders established itself at present, it is deemed as an essential outfit for men of class. Couple it with a patterned bowtie and you’re on your way.

Personal grooming

Commonly perceived as vanity, personal grooming seems to be repelled upon. Nevertheless, personal grooming undeniably plays a significant role in displaying your inner-drive. Distinguish your style with constantly ensuring a clean shave and a sleek cut.

Character and attitude

Irrespective to the type of man you are, always have someone you can look up to – be it imaginary or real. Find a man who devotes attention to his looks, but not dwelling over them. Uphold his standards of how he brings himself forward. Cultivate your character by possessing similar traits and you’ll find yourself transforming into a more empathetic gentleman.

Start upgrading yourself. The true gentleman will shine at last.

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