HKTDC Exhibition 2017

HKTDC Exhibition 2017

Wulf’s successful launch is represented by our appointed global distributor in Singapore – H2HUB. International partners from US, Australia, European countries and the Middle East have expressed great interest in our newly-launched ranged. We are delighted with the overwhelming positive response received.

The Wulf team participated in HKTDC 2017, shedding light to Wulf’s new range at an international level.

During the showcase, Wulf watches were well-received by patrons, captivating many with Wulf’s sophisticated and luxurious logo design. Our booth utilised appealing displays that complemented the refined timepieces display, which attracted many visitors. We were glad to hear that Wulf’s multi-functional, unique lume-skeletal watch was exceptionally favoured by visitors.

This showcase was a total success. Wulf watches were perceived as a young, Swiss-made brand – which is what we aim to encompass. Wulf will continue to excel in designing top-quality Swiss-made chronographs while preserving the everlasting shine of the Swiss-made label.

Placing strong emphasis on conceptualising Swiss watches, our dedicated Wulf team carried out a year’s worth of intensive research and development. Given Wulf’s hunger to constantly innovate and think out-of-the-box, Wulf finally established itself by emerging as one of the firsts to incorporate lumination in its watch designs. Our unique concept is well-received by the masses, awing crowds with Wulf’s stunning rotor designs evident in each timepiece.

Wulf’s passion to craft exquisite chronographs is translated into piecing the most precise components to assemble the perfect Wulf, making sure that no intricate detail is overlooked. Wulf’s exteriors are carefully designed, each personalised to cater to the modern man. Apart from taking utmost pride in our craftsmanship, we want our customers to get the real experience from Wulf. Every Wulf is labelled with unique serial numbers to ensure authenticity.

If you would like to check the authenticity of your Wulf watch, simply register your warranty and serial number with us here.

We don’t only reinvent watches – we reinvent modern gentlemen.

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