Groomed for Christmas

Groomed for Christmas

With your all-important Christmas events to attend in just a matter of days now, it’s only right that the Wulfpack gives you the tips you need to look at your gentlemanly finest to make others swoon, with your Wulf timepiece in tow, of course. After all, exemplary grooming and a complementary wardrobe do wonders to instil confidence and garner admiration. Think about all those times you attended a boardroom meeting only to meet self-proclaimed business experts who dressed more like they were attending a comics expo event – hardly the kind of first impression you’d want to evoke, no?

So whether your timepiece accompaniment is the Wulf Alpha, Lycan, or the highly venerated Exo, here are 5 crucial Wulfpack grooming tips to live by.

Go easy on the cologne
You want a whiff of freshness, not a scent that overpowers. Simply dap a few drops of your favourite cologne on the top part of your shirt and collar. You don’t have to literally bathe in it.

The nose should be clean
Some guys have hair sticking out of their nostrils. We at Wulf do not literally want you to look like a hirsute wolf with hair all over. A simple nostril hair trimmer with safety rounded ends will do the job.

Choose the right hair product
Thicker or more unkempt hair is well-suited to waxes and pomades. For those with thinner manes, lighter gels and sprays will suffice.

Use a facial scrub
Facial scrubs are designed to exfoliate, which in simpler terms means getting the dead skin out of your pores. Don’t go for overly abrasive ones, and you will be just fine with radiant skin.

Shave like a pro
Prepare your skin before shaving with a suitable oil, and remember to soak the blades in warm water to help your pores expand, giving rise to less friction and irritation while culling those micro hairs away.

Now that’s what you need for a jolly good Christmas. Go forth gentlemen, and have fun.

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