Embracing Swiss

Embracing Swiss

Switzerland – The heartland of watchmaking, residing the masters behind the most refined and exquisite Swiss timepieces available to date. Swiss-based watchmaking has lent its hand in the blossoming of today’s most talented minds, introducing a whole new vision of horology. This vision no longer solely encompasses the primary purpose of measuring time, but rather on an altogether novel approach to represent a complete break with the established codes of the profession.

Every “Swiss-made” timepiece revolves around the “Swissness” law, which received its fair share of redefinition. From 1st January 2017 onwards, the new “Swissness” regulation will come to light, strengthening the barriers for the professional field of Swiss watchmaking.

Upon witnessing a renaissance of growing interest in “Swiss-made” watches, brands after brands took the opportunity to rise up to the challenge in obtaining this prestigious title. However, the “Swissness” law continues to raise the bars, weeding out the strongest competitors that fail to meet the implicit manufacturing standards expected to go with the title.

Though dishing out the toughest conditions, Wulf managed to grasp onto the “Swiss-made” title, proudly preserving its royalty for yet another generation. Embodying the essence of a “Swiss-made” watch, each Wulf utilises the highest-quality components crafted with absolute precision

Solely Swiss-made, Wulf promises to infuse professionalism in every timepiece. Parallel with offering ‘affordable luxuries’, Wulf’s prices are kept at its minimum in a bid to aspire new Swiss watch collectors to relive the “Swiss-made” legacy – that’s how Wulf diverges itself from the ordinary.

To know more about the “Swissness” law and its respective requirements, visit here.

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