Becoming a Valentinian Virtuoso

Becoming a Valentinian Virtuoso

Some guys know exactly what to do make their the person they fancy become putty in their hands. 

Valentine's Day is here, and while you're probably busy with preparations and reservations (which are hopefully all good and done by now), here are some last minute tips and reminders on how to really show your partner the prowess of a real Gentleman, a true cavalier, and a real man of finesse and expression, during this day of love and romance. 

You'll have them swooning and falling head over heels in no time. 

Get an appropriate gift

Depending on your current relationship status, and how long you've been together, the general rule is the longer you've been together, the more expensive the gift should be. You'll want your partner to know how much you value them with an appropriately valuable gift to match. However, keep in mind if you get your date something too extravagant, it may put them off if the relationship is still fresh or only just budding. Worse, they might end up just seeing you as a very convenient personal ATM machine.

Don't expect too much

Come to the date with no other expectations except for the fact that you'll be treating your partner to a wonderful and memorable time. If you put too much thought into the possibility of 'night time activities', your partner may doubt the sincerity of the date, and may think that it's all for ulterior motives. Planning a 'surprise' hotel visit without knowing for sure that your partner will appreciate it? Cancel it.


Perhaps the air conditioning is too strong, or the food wasn't how you expected it to be. Communicate with your partner and let them know it in a polite and respectable manner. It's very possible that your displeasure may be apparent, and no matter how hard you try to hide it, it may cause your partner to think they you are not enjoying their company.


On the other hand, if you're having fun, express it to your partner! Tell them that you love their company and that you're having an enjoyable time. There's no one on Earth who would not appreciate the fact that you're sharing your happy feelings with them.

Avoid personal hygiene embarrassments

There's nothing worse than having bad body odour you didn't realise existed until you notice the pained look on your partner's face when they're physically close to you. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than the impression that you have bad personal hygiene. Take a bath, and make sure your clothes are clean, washed, and pressed before heading out. Brushing your teeth and maybe a breath mint or two would also be a good idea, just in case the date becomes a little more romantic.

Do your research

Stalk your partner's Facebook if you have to. That watch they 'liked'? That skincare brand they are a fan of? These will be good cues to determine the best gift for your partner, and they will be glad you took the time and effort to investigate their interests.

Go easy on the PDA

It's perfectly alright to want to have some physical contact. However, if you're still in the early dating phase, keep physical touches brief, and limited to the following areas: hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder.

Let bygones be bygones.. At least for today

That thing you've been arguing about? Forget it. At least for one day. Let Valentine's Day be a peaceful, enjoyable day with your partner.

And finally, of course, it goes without saying:

Don't be an asshole

Be polite to that waiter even if he messes up your order. Be on time. Open that door for not just your partner, but for total strangers as a kind gesture. Don't stare at your phone during the entire date. Be responsive to your partner.

You get the picture. 

As always, do keep in mind that all of the above may vary, depending on the personality of your partner. Regardless, if you're unsure, the steps above will definitely ensure you and your partner will have a tremendously wonderful time on this romantic day.

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