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Back with a Bang

Posted by Wulf Collection on

Guess Wulf’s back? Excuse the pun, gentlemen (and possibly a few fair ladies), it’s just the excitement building up here at Wulf HQ, as the Wulfpack is pleased to present the restocking of a fan favourite. That’s right, it’s been months in the making, but good things are worth waiting for. A great style statement, that’s even better. Now, if you aren’t inebriated from one glass of good whiskey too many, you’d be able to guess which Wulf is back for your admiration.

A robust, exposed musculature is the definitive quality of this Swiss-made timepiece, renowned for the intricate skeletal dial and power of a self-winding Wulf Calibre 02. Yes, good sirs, it’s the Exo in both its classic and limited-edition variants. After the sold-out run which took place at a speed that caught even us by surprise, there’s enough to keep all parties happy this time. So, go on and feast your heart out on the mechanical masterpiece that has proven to be a legitimate gentleman’s staple. And if you’d like to thank us further, next round’s on you. Here’s a toast to the finer side of life.


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