Alpha Male Pride

Alpha Male Pride

To all members of the Wulfpack, we reckon that you’ve gotten more than your required share of gentleman styling tips over the past few months. And that means it’s time we bring you the story behind the inception of our classic Alpha timepiece. After all, what’s contemporary is best offset with a slice of history, because knowledge is power.

Perhaps it’s best to explain why Wulf first came to be. In a market where automatic movements are invariably on the pricier side, we identified a segment that yearns for high quality automatic timepieces, with all the styling accents one would expect of more established Swiss counterparts. The modern male, even those just starting out in a corporate career, prides himself on his image. Bearing this in mind, and how a CEO-like salary is not the norm, we figured out that the best way to cultivate our own following is to do away with traditional mass media marketing and save on overheads, so more like-minded gentlemen could own a timepiece to be proud of.

Hence, the wheels to create the Alpha were set into motion. Whether intended for a casual date, or a boardroom meeting, our de facto entry piece always fits right in, especially with its smart details and timeless façade. Legibility was always a key concern, therefore the colour scheme was adapted to ensure easy time reading, with the added placement of outlined minute markers. The three-hand with date movement also makes punctuality a cinch, as you’ll never lose track of your appointments.

Most importantly, we took great care to incorporate anti-reflective sapphire crystal as the watch glass, so your Alpha never gets, for want of a better analogy, wounded in the course of everyday action. With that said, your next Alpha is just one simple click away.

To find out more about the Alpha range and its various colourways, visit here.


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